Precast Concrete Panels for Pile Coating/ Highway Underpass

Highway Underpasses are a form of intersection created by passing the road or any of its branches at lower levels than the natural ground on urban and intercity roads.

Underpasses, which are generally constructed with piles relieve the flow of traffic of intersections today.
Precast Concrete Panels for Pile Coating construction is a coating system made with various decorative concrete panels, especially at underpass intersections in the city.

Precast concrete panels are elements that provide highly decorative transitions with different patterns on. The panels, which are produced with cast-in-place manufacturing at the construction site, are quickly installed in place with the help of hi-up, and an average of 100-150m² daily installation can be made.

It is a frequently preferred system because the application is easy and fast and it can be easily repaired when required.