Geotech Construction. Mim. Project Contracting Limited Company started manufacturing reinforced soil, reinforced earth walls, geowalls, flexible retaining structures, reinforced earth abutments, precast cladding in front of bored piles, pedestrian railings etc. in 2011.

Generally, it is an Earth Retaining Wall Construction Company. Our company, which has expert staff in the branches of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, provides services to state institutions such as Turkish Highways, TCDD, DHMI, as well as local and private administrations such as Metropolitan Municipalities, Organized Industrial Zones, especially in the fields of Earth Retaining Wall, Earth Retaining Wall, Earth Retaining Edge, Reinforced Concrete Retaining Structures and Shoring Projects.

Our company produces fast, economical and safe solutions in order to offer you a solution partnership. It offers professional solutions in manufacturing with its project team working together for a long time and assembly teams working together for a long time.

Our company was established with the initiative of engineers who graduated from Istanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University in 2004 and continues its activities with its administrative staff specialized in Geotechnics and Hydraulics.